5 types of professionals that provide drinking addiction help

5 types of professionals that provide drinking addiction help

Many people suffer from severe alcoholism problem. But even it feels like it is not curable, you can cure it. There are many treatments for alcohol addiction. Different doctors or professionals provide drinking addiction help Orange County. It is good to know every professional’s way of working and the experience they hold. For you, we have discussed in brief:

Five professional that provide the cure for addiction problem

These professionals can help you cure your addiction problem by providing you proper guidance and plan. You can approach any one of them whomever you feel like visiting.

Primary Care Doctor: Whenever you think of starting your treatment, you need first to visit a primary care doctor.

They can help you suggest the right specialist for addiction help. The doctor briefs you about the behavioral treatment that you may undergo. And if you are suffering from mild addiction, then the physician can provide you medication to cure it. They can give you support like:

  • Evaluating your drinking pattern and analyzing the addiction stage.
  • Make you a sobriety plan.
  • Testing your health condition.
  • Give your medication if it can cure your addiction problem.

Psychiatrist: Alcohol addiction is also a type of psychiatric disorder that you can cure through sessions. The psychiatrist who specializes in alcohol addiction is called an ‘addictionologist.’ They solve the problems relating to alcoholism, gambling addiction, drug abuse, or sex addiction.

They mostly help in the detoxification process of alcoholic treatment. Even the research says that the leading cause of the drinking problem is generally related to mental issues. Addiction is a cause of the bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety problems from the past. The psychiatrist goes through sub-specialty training to cure addiction.

Psychologist: Some alcoholism problems are related to behavioral issues and weak willpower. These psychologists provide counseling sessions to improve social skills, provide motivation and relaxation training. They carry out different approaches by analyzing anger level, the severity of alcohol addiction, social functioning, and family or employment problems.

Alcohol counselor: Drinking addiction helps require excess will power to control drinking habit. It would help if you had professional support for learning proper skills and strategies to follow daily to stay in control. Alcohol counselor enables you to guide through the process by providing you the following:

  • Identifying the cause and changing them that makes you drink
  • Curing stress and anxiety that triggers the craving
  • Provide you motivation
  • Set plans and steps to reach them

Some people require a short counseling session to realize a path to come out of addiction. At the same time, some want a regular session to deal with long-time anxiety issues. Alcohol can ruin many relationships, mainly the ones that are very close, so it’s appropriate to join sessions as soon as possible.

Social workers: In the initial time, social workers have helped us fight for our civil rights by reducing mental pressure and illness. And today, they are helping those who are struggling through various addiction problems and health issues. They provide drinking addiction help Orange County by performing the following roles:

  • The social workers provide an excellent resource for better intervention.
  • They train themselves so that they can serve as a therapist.
  • Helping in detoxification centers.
  • Providing forensic settings like courts, police departments, etc.
  • Working in a hospital for health support.


To get assistance in the drinking problem, you can get support from any of the above; it requires patience and consistency. They can even cure your drinking addiction help Orange County with just a few counseling sessions only. If you want to know more about it, then click the link http://rehabs911.com/ .