Everyone likes to have a good time once in a while, and the good times may include smoking weed. Recreational use of marijuana is legalized in many US states; therefore, it is perfectly alright to smoke pot at a party or spend a quiet afternoon at home smoking a pre-roll. The problem arises once one has to get ready for the inevitable drug test at the office. If you recently smoked weed and are worried about not passing the drug test, worry no more; continue reading this article to find ways to flush out THC from your system.

Natural Cleanse: If you have no hurry of getting the toxins out of your body, you can take your time to flush out the harmful toxins from your body in the most natural fashion. It takes about 30-60 days to complete a natural cleanse cycle. During this time, you’ve to avoid smoking weed or consume any cannabis-infused products. It would help if you also avoided canna-oil that contains cannabis. It is important to note that everyone detoxes at a different pace. For example, it may take less than 60 days for some to detox, while for others, it may take more to complete the detoxification process naturally. Hair usually tends to store evidence of consuming marijuana for about 90 days.

Detox Drinks: There are times when a person might be in a rush to eliminate the toxins as soon as possible. Maybe one needs to pass an office drug test in 7 days; so, one may rely on store-bought detox kits that help create a window to test clean. However, the negative aspect of these products is that they can strip urine of the indicators that make the sample genuine. A urine sample needs to be of the proper color, the right temperature, the correct ph level, and uric acid.

  • If you want to cheat through the drug test, be sure to purchase a detox kit that ensures THC is absent from the urine sample without stripping it of other indicators.
  • Some Detoxification drink takes a full day to flush out THC from the body, while others take only a few hours to flush the system of traceable THC levels permanently. But most herbal kits take five to ten days to complete full body detox.

Synthetic Urine: Desperate times call for desperate measures. People often try to cheat a drug test by offering fake urine samples. But producing synthetic urine for the sake of drug tests can backfire. If the administration finds out about the alterations, there can be severe consequences. One may even get fired for not cooperating with the authority. It is near impossible to create a fake urine sample because most of the time, the testers go into the bathroom with the person to ensure one produces his own sample. Walking around with someone else’s pee in the pocket might not yield to fruition after all. Therefore, it is best if you avoid this option altogether.