Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Protein Blend

Little Known Ways To Make The Most Out Of Protein Blend

To ensure optimal muscle recovery, endurance athletes should increase the daily intake of protein in their diet. However, the proportion of protein in these recuperator is lower than in other supplements designed exclusively for muscle mass gain, which is why they are very popular with runners, swimmers, cyclists.

In short, pro night supplements are perfect for endurance athletes who they do not need a musculature as developed as strength athletes.Not all Recovery Proteins are the same. Depending on your needs, you can find various nutrients in addition to Protein Blend, so the nutritional value can be very different! Here the types of ingredients are shown that you can find:

Milk Protein

Possibly the most consumed Recovery Protein in the world. It is divided into two types:

Whey Protein: it is characterized by a very high absorption rate, which makes it perfect to take as a post-workout: in pro nightyou will find whey concentrate,hydrolyzate or isolate.

Casein: casein has a slow assimilation, and is usually taken before bed to release the amino acids it contains in a sustained manner.

Amino acids

Like glutamine or BCAA’s, which favor a better recovery of muscle fibers.


Like amylopectin, it helps to replace the glycogen stores used during long-term training and promotes protein absorption.

Vitamins and minerals

They help maintain the immune system, normal protein metabolism and reduce fatigue and fatigue after exercise. Endless benefits for your health!

Properties and benefits of Proteins for recovery for the athlete

Protein supplements do work for sports recovery, but do you know what role they play in your body? These are the main functions they fulfill in the athlete:

  • They accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue after exercise.
  • Its intake helps to stop muscle catabolism.
  • It prevents the appearance of injuries and muscular discomfort.
  • Ideal for endurance athletes subjected to great physical wear and tear.

When to take Protein for recovery?

Post-workout: in this case it is recommend that you choose whey or whey protein combined with carbohydrates and take it immediately after finishing the physical exercise.

Before bed: for its prolonged release, casein is the best candidate.