Everything You Need to Know About Diluting Essential Oils

Everything You Need to Know About Diluting Essential Oils

Essential oils have two main characteristics – they are rich and volatile. The essential oils provide a wide range of benefits for various ailments and improve our overall wellness. However, they do need to be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or sweet almond oil, especially if you are going to apply them topically. While this ensures efficient usage, dilution is not an easy process to follow. While diluting, one needs to be cautious and follow some set of rules.

Diluting Essential Oils 

We usually have a perception that natural products are gentle and safe for the skin. On contrary, it is far from the truth. They are indeed better than those harsh chemicals, but this does not mean that they are perfect in their natural form. You may have noticed that DIY recipes include essential oils with a carrier oil or two. This is done because essential oils involve plenty of risk factors, if they are applied directly over the skin without any dilution. If we apply essential oils directly to the skin it can create a burning sensation over the skin. And it also adds to having a risk of rash on the skin.

How to Blend Essential Oils with Carrier Oils to Avoid Risk Factors: 

When it comes to the dilution part, the most common ingredient to mix the essential oil is with a carrier oil. The truth is that there are many options of carrier oil available in the market, and it becomes difficult to know that which makes the perfect fit for your choice. However, when you are diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil it is vital to know how many portions you need to mix to form the perfect blend.

First, make sure that you must choose pure, cold-pressed, carrier oils. This ensures that you are applying something pure and healthy to your skin. It is important to note that if you are applying the oil topically, you must dilute it thoroughly and conduct a patch test on a healthy part of the skin to make sure that there are no side effects on your skin.

The other key factor is that you must make the right choice while selecting an essential oil. You can get the essential oils from Young Living. You need to choose the appropriate ratio of both for an efficient result. The ratio varies from person to person, for example- kids younger than six years old should be utilizing a 0.25 percent dilution. Pregnant women, elderly users, older kids, and those who have sensitive skin must use a 1 percent dilution. The average dilution rate for others is 2 percent. In cases where there are serious health issues one can go as high as 10 to 25 percent dilution, but it is mandatory to proceed with caution.

Parameters to keep in mind while considering dilutions: 

The first crucial point is to determine the size of the container or bottle that you wish to use. This will define the quantity of carrier oil required. The thing to consider is the dilution rate that you want to achieve. For example, if you want 0.5 percent of dilution then you need to add one drop of carrier oil in 10ml of essential oil to produce the required benefits. These are the crucial factors to keep in mind while diluting so that your skin does not get damaged. For those with allergies, it is recommended to see a physician before using essential oils.

Essential oils have many advantages but applying them directly can be harmful to the skin, so it is crucial to choose the right kind of carrier oil to ensure it is not creating any harm or damage to the skin.