The Chillow Pillow – The Best Cooling Pillow

The Chillow Pillow - The Best Cooling Pillow

If you are in your pre-menopausal or in your peri-menopause process then you should seriously consider buying Chillow Pillow. I carried Chillow Plus after I saw the TV commercial. My original Chillow which was carried 5 years earlier also gave away. Unlike the previous Chillow the fresh and current edition was way too better. The Company Soothsoft Ltd has done intensive research to come up with Soothsoft comfort technology that offers ground breaking and affordable goods to the public. One of its items that have taken the industry by storm is Chillow.

Chillow cooling pad will be able to keep itself in room temperature and it removes the heat from your body and releases it into the atmosphere. If we use a pillow it is at the room temperature (21 degrees Celsius under normal conditions) and it actually colder than our body (which is 37 degrees Celsius).The pillow is a weak conductor of heat and the heat it receives from our face remains on its sides rather than dispersing it to the sun. If we use chillow it helps in the effective dispersion of the heat from the pillow and retains the pillows room temperature.

A small cooling pad is a blessing for people who suffer from hot flashes, fevers, night sweats, vomiting, eczema, sunburn etc. You can use Chillow with your current pillow so that you can appreciate the warmth of your pillow as well as the cooling effect offered by chillow pillow. You can also cover the chillow on different body parts because unlike its counterparts, as the chillow has cooling effect on both of its surfaces (front and back) Chillow is a high quality cooling pad that is made with products of high grade that are known to be medically safe too. Such fabrics also ensure its longevity.

Chillow is built in such a way that it will hold itself safe without falling off your pillow or furniture. Thanks to the Cloth flocking on its back that is aimed at providing more consumer convenience. For a longer time, the heart of the pillow will be able to keep the composure intact. The invention has been licensed by the firm. Chillow has a vacuum seal to help keep out the pillow’s hot air. Another feature of chillow is that it requires no cooling and provides the right amount of coolness without damping your bed or pillow. Chillow is always going to be clean and free of allergies. To activate it, you must fill the chillow with 4 pints of ordinary tap water. The foam inside the chillow pillow will quickly absorb the water. When you trigger the chillow, without the need for reactivation, it will continue working for 3 long hours. In order to increase its cooling, you can also cool the chillow in the refrigerator but do not try to freeze it as freezing can damage the core foam. The properties of memory foam in your chillow will keep it soft and flexible over the coming years. Sweeping stagnant air out of the chillow improves the chillow pillow’s existence once a month.