How to Reverse Marijuana Tolerance

How to Reverse Marijuana Tolerance

Do you ever find yourself needing to greatly exceed your dose in order to feel the benefits of cannabis? Getting the full benefits of a cannabis product could mean regularly upping your dosage in order to experience the same results. It can be easy for regular users to start developing a tolerance to marijuana. Like other drugs, marijuana has a way of desensitising receptors in the brain. This means that our body becomes less receptive to having items bound to receptors overtime. The effects of increased tolerance can be completely reversible. Some techniques will help you to reset the natural affinity that you have for cannabinoid! Here are some of the best ways to lower your tolerance.


Release the THC which is stored in fatty tissue throughout your body by taking part in some exercise. Exercising can help you break down up to 15% of the THC that is stored in your body. The THC which is stored in fatty tissue can take up to 28 days to break down so regular and intensive exercise can assist with this process as you detox.


Skipping a few meals can also work at improving the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Fasting can quickly simulate the release of any stored THC and make sure that you can reduce your tolerance.

Take a Break

Taking even a 2 day break from marijuana can give you a noticeable reset. One of the best ways to completely reduce your tolerance is to quit for at least 28 days. This will totally refresh your cannabinoid receptors and your tolerance as a result.

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